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Donate to save their lives


Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project, Inc.

Your support gives hope -- your donation saves lives.

Their world has been turned upside down; everything they have ever known is gone. They were taken on a one-way trip to what has become a nightmare that they can't escape; a betrayal they can't comprehend.

Every hour of everyday dogs are deliberately abandoned around Miami-Dade County, Florida. Puppies, seniors, young dogs, healthy dogs, sick and injured dogs, pregnant dogs -- all dumped along busy roadways, parking lots, fields, swampy areas infested with pythons and alligators and regularly, the rock pits. Often their unwavering loyalty continues as they wait for the humans who pushed them out where they sit, who will never return. These poor terrified dogs have many dangerous fates awaiting for them -- starvation, dehydration, illness and injuries.......and worse.

Donations provide daily food and water to hungry and thirsty dogs while we work to get them into approved rescues, and provide urgent medical for sick and injured dogs that have no chance of survival.