Donate to help family pets.

Donate to help family pets.  image

Everyone goes through tough times, either due to economic reasons, unemployment, changes in life, or catastrophic events. Too often, when these situations arise, the family pet is the first to feel the effects. Some owners have the best intentions and feed what little can be afforded, resulting in pets not getting enough food, while other owners see getting rid of their beloved pets as the best way to help with the hardship and to give their pet “a chance”, not knowing that owner-surrendered pets are the first animals to be killed in shelters.

Your donation will help families, who love and care for their pets, but are in a tough situation of being able to adequately provide for them, by providing food for their companion animals so that pet parents have one less thing to worry about. Your kindness will help pets to stay in their home where they belong, and will help to reduce the number of family pets being surrendered to already over-crowded shelters.